Secure Email

Easily Encrypt Sensitive Data in your Business Email Communications

Protect Communications and maintain compliance.

As a leading secure email provider in the Columbus area, we make secure email easy for senders and receivers.

– No extra steps required
– Automate secure email with policy filters
– Platform agnostic
– Mobile or desktop
– Detailed Reporting
– Simplified Quarantine Management
– No training required

Frequently Asked Questions about BlueTeam Networks Secure Email Plan for Columbus Businesses

Question: Does the person I am sending to need to sign up for an account to see the contents of my email?

Answer: No. The communication is encrypted from end to end. The person or people relieving your email do not have to get an account to read your email.


Question: Can I share large files using BlueTeam’s Secure Email?

Answer: Yes! You can share large files securely and easily. There are no email size limits.


Question: How long does it take to implement BlueTeam Networks Secure Email?

Answer: Not long at all. We can get your company up within days of signing up.

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