Security Awareness & Training

It’s more than anti-virus these days

Data security is more important then ever.

Your security needs to be like an onion; layers upon layers of the proper technologies.


If done right it should’t make you cry like an onion though…

Have you received this email before? Is it real or fake?

Hi, your account is now infected! Modify the pswd right now!

You might not know anything about me and you may be probably interested why you are getting this particular electronic message, right?

I’m ahacker who openedyour emailand devices and gadgetssome time ago.

How about this one? It looks real. Is it fake?

Hi [email protected]

The below message was recently left in your voicemail ([email protected]) from “Fake Phone Number”.

Click here to get your voicemail.

IP Office voice message notification

We’d love to help you train your employees to recognize these threats and ongoing security nightmares.

Start training now!

Real world results


Here are some real world results from a client we implemented our security awareness training for. We sent our initial “fake” email to them without their employees knowing to see where are baseline would be. As you can see from the results they desperately needed security awareness and training!


These scammers are making it harder and harder to determine if emails are real or not. Your entire company is one-click away from being breached.


We get emails EVERY SINGLE DAY from clients who have clicked on bad links, fallen for scams asking for money, Apple Gift Cards, payroll bank account updates, and on, and on.


It’s time to get your team educated and we have the tools and platforms to help. We can send out emails that look real and if they happen to get tricked and click on a link they are automatically enrolled in security awareness training.